Cleaning contractors generally attend at the blocks we manage on a weekly basis. Cleaning specifications vary on a block by block basis dependent on the requirement or feedback from property owners. The cleaners tend to the communal areas; the corridors, stairs, lobbies and hallways, etc. They cannot clean within your property, terrace or balcony.

Window cleaners may also be around your site on a monthly basis and will generally clean all accessible windows using the purified water jet pole system.

Gardeners tend to a site on a weekly or fortnightly basis (apart from the winter period, when they may visit less frequently). It is the responsibility of the gardeners to tend to the communal grounds. They are not responsible for any individually demised gardens that are part of your own property. Please check your lease or transfer to confirm the legal boundary of your flat or house.

Other contractors may also be onsite from time to time for general maintenance. We ensure that contractors have the required skills for the job and hold appropriate insurance. We will take recommendations from residents as regards which contractor to use based on this criterion. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 8370 4810 or