Damage and repair

Your lease will state that all residents should not tamper with any communal service installations, fire equipment (smoke alarms, windows, etc), electronic gates or doors, aerials, etc. In addition, no items should be brought into the premises that could cause excessive damage to the floors, walls, stairs, banisters, ceilings or other surface or structure in the building. Furthermore, residents are generally not permitted to open up floors, walls or ceilings (in communal areas) with the aim of checking/altering wires, pipes or any such conduit.

If repair work is necessary a lease will normally state that the landlord, managing agent, workmen or other contractors, should be allowed to enter the building to commence repairs. Advance notice will be given about the time and location of where the work will take place.  Please ensure that you do not prevent this necessary repair work from taking place. Costs for the work undertaken could be passed onto responsible parties – the landlords or residents (as part of the service charge).