Letterbox theft

There has recently been an increase in letterbox theft and no site is immune from this crime. Intruders gain access to the common areas and steal items from letterboxes. In this way, these persons may also then be able to order credit cards in the name of the resident, return to the development to collect further mail and commit fraud and identity theft. We would remind residents of the following:

  • When using the entrance to and from blocks and the parking areas please ensure that the doors close properly behind you. Please report any faulty door closers to our office.
  • Be aware of the allowing any persons without a key fob (contractors or otherwise) into the development. Ensure that no persons follow you into the block via the external gate or via the electric vehicle gates into the basement parking areas.
  • Do not buzz anyone into the common areas using your entryphone system unless you have invited them or they have provided official identification.
  • Prevent any build up of mail in letterboxes that may indicate that you are absent from your apartment. Be aware of over-filling letterboxes unnecessarily with plastic bags or other items. Report any letterbox theft to the police and make sure that the lock to your letterbox is operational.
  • We would recommend that you install deadlocks on your front door and do not just rely on the latch lock provided.
  • Finally, be vigilant at all times. In the event of an emergency always dial 999, for all other calls to the Metropolitan Police please dial 101.

For more information on how to prevent Britain’s fastest growing crime, please refer to: http://www.met.police.uk/fraudalert/identity_fraud.htm