How do you deal with unpaid service charges?

Ian Gibbs Estate Management (IGEM) undertakes a structured process of arrears collection including the addition of arrears fees (payable by the lessee and not the client/Company). A healthy balance sheet is a primary objective in order to fulfil the obligations of Company or Association. Our arrears process is designed to facilitate prompt payment of service charge demands and keep lessees as debtors off the balance sheet. Our aim is to send demands one week prior to them being due. A gentle reminder letter is sent 28 days after the due date. If no payment has been received within 14 days of the gentle reminder, IGEM will send a second reminder letter. If no payment has been received 7 days after this second reminder, a third reminder letter will be sent and finally, the details of the account of the lessee will be sent to debt collection solicitors and all further correspondence will be handled by these solicitors. In accordance with current legislation, details of the rights and obligations of the lessee as regards service charges and administration charges will accompany any demand that includes such a charge.