Condensation is a common problem in many houses and flats.  If it is not kept under control, it can lead to the creation of black mould on a variety of surfaces and materials including walls, furniture, clothes and curtains. Condensation is caused by moisture in warm air meeting a cold surface, this vapour then transforms to a liquid (known as condensation). Condensation can be harmful to your health and also causes damage to plasterwork and timber windows. To help you keep on top of this, here are some ways to prevent condensation occurring:

  • Cover pots and pans whilst cooking
  • Dry your wet clothes and washing in one room which has the doors and windows slightly open.
  • Keep your bathrooms and kitchens ventilated and their doors closed.
  • Insulate and keep your home warm. A warm home reduces the risk of condensation (as condensation is produced when warm moisture reaches a cold surface).