On discovering a fire, please call the fire brigade immediately. If required, go to the nearest exit. Otherwise stay in your apartment and await instructions from the fire brigade. Do not use any of the lifts. As required, use the communal stairs to exit the building. Always follow the instructions of the fire brigade once in attendance.

It is the responsibility of all flat owners to install smoke alarms within properties and to test them regularly (ideally at least once a week). In the communal areas there are often smoke sensors linked to automatic opening vents and emergency lighting. As advised by the fire brigade, fire alarms and extinguishers are not present in the communal areas.

Fire exits should always be kept closed and only used in the event of a fire. Fire exits should not be used as an alternative entrance/exit to the building or wedged open or left ajar.

Please contact us on 020 8370 4810 or if you have any concerns.