Bicycle storage and motorbikes

Please ensure that bicycles are only stored in appropriate areas: a bike store or inside your property.  Please note that:

  • Bicycles cannot to be stored in communal areas such as along communal corridors, harnessed to banisters, on your balcony, in meter cupboards, or in any other communal cupboard/area. This compromises health and safety regulations at the development, may invalidate the building insurance policy and will cause the condition of the internal decorations to deteriorate.
  • Bike stores are only to be used for the storage of bikes, not motorbikes or any other item.
  • Motorbikes and bicycles should not be parked across a parking bay.
  • Due to the number of entrances to the site, the day-to-day movements of residents and the persistence of unauthorised persons, it is impossible to guarantee that intruders cannot gain access to the common areas. They may target the bike storage area. All items in the parking area or on cycle racks are left at the risk of the owner.
  • Please report all thefts to the police and this office. If you witness any suspicious persons at the development please report them to the police. Your local Police Neighbourhood Officers should be contacted. In an emergency dial 999.
  • Be aware of the allowing any persons without a fob (contractors or otherwise) into the development. Security is also your personal responsibility.
  • Ensure that no unauthorised persons follow you into the development via the front doors or via the vehicle gate.
  • Please secure your property and possessions as best as it possible given the facilities provided. Obtain contents/bicycle insurance as required. For bicycles, the following websites provide useful recommendations: