Where requested by lessees, this office organises permit controlled parking regimes to ensure that the parking facilities are not abused by outsiders and that the parking covenants within your lease or transfer are adhered to by residents. Where we implement a permit controlled regime, we generally follow the guidance below:

  • Parking is only permitted in the approved and designated bays within the development.
  • Please refer to the site parking signage for all the rules and regulations of a parking regime.
  • Please note the number of your parking bay does not always correspond with your address (number of your flat/house). Please refer to your lease or transfer to ascertain the exact location of your parking bay where applicable.
  • Permits must be displayed at all times. If you have just moved into a development, obtain a permit from this office, your landlord or letting agent. Do not assume that you will not receive a Penalty Charge Notice.
  • Where there is a parking permit system in operation, please ensure that your residents parking permit is displayed at all times and is valid for your allocated parking bay.
  • Display of parking permits is monitored by a fully licensed contractor. Please refer to the site signage or the Penalty Charge Notice for your rights and how to appeal against a ticket.
  • If you have lost your resident parking permit, a replacement can be issued by contacting our office at Please note we can only issue resident parking permits (new or replacement ones) to the landlord of the property. If you are a tenant please ensure you contact your landlord first to request a replacement and they will forward the request onto us.
  • If you see any abandoned cars you can report them to our office at tel: 0208 370 4810 or This office will contact the DVLA to find out the registered keeper of the vehicle though this process does take up to four weeks to complete. Due to recent changes in legislation, only the Police or an appropriate authority can remove a vehicle from a development.