Noise and anti-social behaviour

When living in a shared building or complex, it is inevitable that you will experience some level of noise at times. However, there are clauses within all leases around the level of noise that is acceptable.

  • The lease will generally state that there should be no loud use of appliances such as a television, radio, digital equipment or speakers between certain hours of the day. This prohibition also extends to loud conversations, singing, musical instruments, mechanical noises or any other sound producing apparatus or form. If this guidance is not adhered to, then the property owner may be subject to administration charges on their service charge account or be referred to solicitors in relation to this lease transgression. If you are a tenant your rental deposit may be affected by the behaviour in which you engage.
  • We always recommend that those suffering from persistent ASB/noise inform the local council’s noise abatement team so that their statutory powers can also be brought to bear on the culprits. Consider keeping a diary of when the disturbance occurs so that this can be used as evidence.

Living in a block of flats means living as part of a community. Please consider your neighbours and as a courtesy let them know if you are planning a celebration or party whereby there will be an increased level of noise for a short time period.