To ensure refuse does not build up in common areas please consider the following advice:

– Please ensure that no rubbish bags are left outside of your home or on the floor of the bin stores. This can be a health and safety hazard to all residents and may also attract unwanted animals/vermin (such as rats, foxes, maggots and mice).

– All rubbish bags must be securely fastened and placed in one of the bins provided. If all of the bins in the bin store are full, please use a substitute bin to dispose of your waste. If there are no bins available please call us on 0208 370 4810.  Only refuse placed in the bins will be removed by the refuse collection team.

– Please do not dispose of items such as beds, tables, chairs, mattresses, televisions, ironing boards, wardrobes, cabinets etc (any large household items). The refuse stores can only be used for items that can be places in the bins. If large household items are left by the bin store, this incurs an additional charge. As a external contractor will need to be employed to remove the items and the cost of which may be added to your future maintenance charge or if you are a tenant it could be deducted from your deposit.